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Seven Open Class corps and one World Class corps tonight. Should have started at 6:00 p.m. PDT, with this line up:


Golden Empire

Blue Devils C

City Sound


Blue Devils B

Vanguard Cadets


Plus some exhibition performances.

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Place Corps Score World Class 1 Mandarins 63.900 Open Class 1 Vanguard Cadets 61.700 2 Blue Devils B 61.400 3 Golden Empire 55.800 4 Impulse 55.500 5 City Sound 45.500 6 Incognito 42.100 7 Blue Devils C 40.300

Read more: http://www.dci.org/scores/index.cfm?event=beb00696-5df4-455c-99da-dfe73a1f2abd&year=2014#ixzz36fBF10me

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World Class

1. 63.90 -- Mandarins

Open Class

1. 61.70 -- Vanguard Cadets

2. 61.40 -- Blue Devils B

3. 55.80 -- Golden Empire

4. 55.50 -- Impulse

5. 45.50 -- City Sound

6. 42.10 -- Incognito

7. 40.30 -- Blue Devils C


Edit: flammaster beats me to it again!

Edited by N.E. Brigand
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Nice gains by all the O.C. corps; I haven't checked yet, but I think Blue Devils B and Impuse perhaps improved the most.

BDB and Vanguard Cadets seem to have moved right back into the mix with the leading O.C. corps in the Midwest and East (except for 7th Regiment).

Mandarins were either overscored early or are being underscored lately.

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In fact, BDB and SCVC both beat Mandarins in percussion.

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