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I miss the dots! Lol

They're covered with dots!

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When was a weather app released for Super Nintendo?

Fiance: kids need to go to bed soon me: dude...needs to be loud!!! Her 9yr old daughter: isn't Vanguard coming on soon?? Her 6yr old son: what's Bandguard?? 9yr old: it's VANguard!! Me: face

Maybe it's time for you to go. Sometimes activities/sports/whatever can and do pass you by.

So I assume everyone caught the prop with the blonde dude marching member, and then there was the blonde dude trumpet marching member experiencing that one second...

It's a show with great mood music. The big forms are very good, but the individual marching isn't there quite yet. VERY good show though!

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How times have changed - there was a time when men weren't allowed to be bare chested during a corps performance. About 30 years ago Spirit of Atlanta tried it and was told they had to cover up.

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