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Championship Wknd Predictions: Ready, Set, GO!

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this all stared with hurcs taking best guard started by you ,then when on to matadors taking best guard but came in 11 just like the hurcs its a continuation of some thing you started

yup i was talking about 2014. not 1983 or 1986. not hard to follow.

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ladies ladies...

you're both pretty.

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I don't really have a preference who wins the show. The real winner is DCA and the fans for sticking with the organization over the past few years. I'm happy to see the level of competition come up with ALL the corps and I'm especially happy to see the Skyliners back in the mix. Hope to see many of my friends there on Sunday at finals.

Good Luck to all the corps at prelims. Make us proud.

I'll try to bring some sunshine with me.....lol

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Good morning Rochester!

To ALL the corps - Break a leg today! But, I must add, "LET'S GO, HAWTHORNE!".

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