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Full drumline instruments for sale

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Has been used by Blue Knights in 2011.
Then since 2012, never used under bad weather.
$ 9,500 USD + shipping.
Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

More info:


Pearl «Championship Maple Series»

  • 9 SNARES FFXL1412/CSP274 —14x12 FFX Sn - Lacquer / Chrome
  • 5 MULTI-TOM sextet PMTL660234N/CSP274 — 6, 6, 10,12,13,14 Tenors - Lacquer / Chrome
  • Bass drum 18” PBDL1814/CSP274 — 18x14 Bass - Lacquer / Chrome
  • Bass drum 20” PBDL2014/CSP274 — 20x14 Bass - Lacquer / Chrome
  • Bass drum 24” PBDL2414/CSP274 — 24x14 Bass - Lacquer / Chrome
  • Bass drum 28” PBDL2814/CSP274 — 28x14 Bass - Lacquer / Chrome
  • Bass drum 32” PBDL3216/CSP274 — 32x16 Bass - Lacquer / Chrome
  • 9 carriers CXS-1 Air Frame snare carriers
  • 5 carriers CXT-1 Air Frame tenor carriers
  • 5 carriers CXB-1 Air Frame bass carriers
  • 9 stands MSS3000 Used marching snare stands
  • 5 stands MTS3000 Used marching tenors stands
  • 5 stands MBS3000 used marching bass stands
  • 9 cases Snare Case
  • 5 cases Tenor Case
  • 1 case 18” Bass drum Case
  • 1 case 20” Bass drum Case
  • 1 case 24” Bass drum Case
  • 1 case 28” Bass drum Case
  • 1 case 32” Bass drum Case
  • 4 pairs Cymbales 16" Marching Sabian AA
  • 4 protective bag for cymbals

Some extra drum head for snares (top and bottom) and multi toms, also some bass mallets.


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Please send pictures to

I'm REALLY interested. Starting an independant drumline and I need to outfit the whole line with uniform looking drums.

I'm kinda limited on storage space and on players. Is there any way we could cut down the size of the line to 3-4 snares, 2 tenors, and 4 basses? This seems like a really good deal and I'm really interested in buying. With carriers, cases, stands and what else the normal package would have come with how much are we looking at for it?

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