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I'm bumping this because someone swiped my VK Jacket at a bus stop last summer...I've nearly come to accept that it's gone and if you know how I might come across a decent embroidery shop that can make something close enough for horseshoes 'n hand-grenades...I MIGHT be interested in what you've got.

That said, I'm both an alumni .......WHATTUP VEEKAY????----AND a self-promoting w----. even STILL... you have 5 posts, we have no idea who you are and you're tiptoeing the line of pseudospam right into straight up spam-spam....if you tell us who you are and where you marched (or who/what you are a fan of) you'll get more recognition, traffic and trust on this forum.

THAT said...use your old-school DCP street cred to access my new multimedia hub...I'm hosting some rare tracks that will grow and spiral out into into something greater as Tapcast begins to take's password protected, but you can figure it out.

  • An absurd 3-word phrase,
  • alllowercasenospaces,
  • 10 chars
  • "ist__pth__"

Lot's of public-fun to be had as well if that was over your head. n00bs and the confused can scout the command post.

Much love from yer ol' pal Tapper.

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