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Well it's been nearly a year since a small group of us got together at Jim and Linda O'briens home to explore the possibility of bringing yet a 3rd alumni/all age corps back to life in Massachusetts. We began practicing once a month starting this past May, and it's been going very well. Let’s just say, we are quite enthused about the level of commitment! While I am not here to make any announcements or predictions, I would like you all to know that we are here, and we intend to be out this June with a full corps production. I promise, we WILL be a complete package. And probably the number one question I hear is, how about the Chrome Wall… Well yeah, it’s very much intact, and smokin’ hot! !

Of course there is ALWAYS room for more, and that goes for every section, so if you’re interested in some great 70’s/80’s drum corps, why not check us out! You can visit us at and come down for a visit. None of us own a hammer (well some do, but we don't bring them to rehearsal), so we won’t beat on you to join us. You are more than welcome to come, watch, sit in, and of course join.

One constant rumor I hear is that “The North Star will be a competing corps”.. There are NO plans at all to do that at this time. We truly want to get together play some of our biggest hits and see where that goes. I guess because we chose to identify ourselves as an "ALL AGE" corps, that sent some sort of thought that we were looking to compete. One thing we (or at least I) would like to do is present a competing minicorps for DCA next summer, but that is still in the planning stages as our primary purpose is to put a rocking corps on the field for your enjoyment.

I thougth I would share this photo from one of our summer practices.... yeah yeah, the drums aren't chrome yet... :)


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NIce photo ,best of luck on what ever you choose to do.LOVED THE CORPS

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