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As Michael Cesario so eloquently put it, "They're not booing!!!"

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I called it! Somewhere in the forums I predicted that the 2014 Bluecoats would be the most downloaded APD of the year. I'd like to crow and say "I won" - but, in reality, everyone won by enjoying one of the most talked about shows in the history of DCI.

Congratulation Bloo! Keep it coming and bring home another medal in 2015!!!

Top 10 Audio Performance Downloads (2014 performances)


1. Bluecoats

2. Carolina Crown
Out of This World

3. Blue Devils

4. Santa Clara Vanguard
Scheherazade: Words 2 Live By

5. Blue Knights
That One Second

6. The Cadets
Promise: An American Portrait

7. The Cavaliers

8. Phantom Regiment
Swan Lake

9. Madison Scouts
Time Trip

10. Boston Crusaders
Animal Farm

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Thank you for reading! Since we're between seasons, I thought I'd bring back some warm and fuzzy memories for us fans.

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I'd love to see numbers next to each of those top 10 downloads.

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