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After some exciting shows last night, we get ready to head to some of our favorite venues for our third Sweepstakes events of the season.

In the midwest, corps will be competing at the venerable Perkins Stadium in Whitewater WI. Dune Battalion has really shaken up the standings with their recent wins in Slinger and Syracuse, and are being viewed as the favorites to win this event. But how will they do against Confederate Regiment as that corps makes its return from out west? Also worth keeping an eye on is the Class A matchup between Hg and Mackinac Island Crusaders.


Out east, Les Blanc Chevaliers again host their home show in Montreal's cavernous Olympic Stadium. With all of the Knights Org corps in the house, look for the hometown group to once again wow the audience. Open Class may feature the best matchup of the night between Huddersfield Hundred and Valley Vanguard, two Open Class corps that have been surging up the rankings in that division.


In Las Vegas NV, the Buckeye Brass group of corps look to shine out at Sam Boyd Stadium, but will face some stiff competition from Abracadabra Academy in Open Class and Golden Panthers in World Class.


And in the south, the Euphony Empire corps group makes their season debut at MTSU's Floyd Stadium. They may be starting late, but I've been hearing very good things from their training camps, and they'll have a great matchup against the Aftershock NZ group to get things started. Also debuting in Open Class are Florida Sound, a newly-created corps that will be doing a limited tour schedule this season.


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To quote John Lennon, it may have been a long, cold lonely winter so far, but days are about to get a little brighter, as our 23rd season of DCPI gets underway today! We've got some very good turnout

All four regions will be busy with shows today, and corps are hoping that yesterday's higher scores are a sign of things to come. In the midwest, Dayton OH hosts the largest lineup of corps of the da

it baffles me how much scores are dropping.

No events today- enjoy the Super Bowl and don't forget that the second point increase of the season was added today.

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As the crew in the executive office spent most of the morning digging out from yesterday's blizzard, here's a look at today's events after an exciting Sweepstakes weekend:

The southeast finally gets to see some competition as River City Regiment leads the way into Suwanee GA's Lambert HS in the Atlanta suburbs. The Euphony corps will look to build from their debut performance on Saturday, and Florida Sound and West Virginia Sound meet in an interesting matchup of "State Sound" corps.


In the northeast, I know the Knights' director is smiling after last night's Super Bowl. Expect the good mood to continue on to tonight's home show at Portland ME's Thornton Academy, where the hometown Knights face off against the Dark Knights. Could the Knight Sword be in play? In Open Class, Huddersfield Hundred look to keep their winning streak going after squeaking past Valley Vanguard in Montreal over the weekend.


In the midwest, cleanup crews are working overtime to get the stadium at Merrillville HS in northwest Indiana ready for tonight's event. Confederate Regiment and Great Lakes Sound should put up a great battle tonight, but Panther Prime are lurking and want to remind these corps not to forget about them.


And out west, fans in Phoenix AZ will be treated to a post Super Bowl spectacle at Paradise Valley HS. While this show may not feature dancing sharks or a flying Katy Perry, the matchup between Dewsbury Regulars, Dune Battalion and The Thoroughbreds should be just as entertaining. The Open Class lineup looks to be particularly promising tonight, as Texas Zephyrs, Abracadabra Academy, Star of Hawaii, The Colonels, Dark Knights B and Golden Panthers B all take the field.


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Star of Hawaii flew back West this weekend to get ready for the West Regional in LA. Some improvements have been made to the program should be seen tonight in Phoenix.

Jupiter and Cross continue East swing tonight in Maine. Looking forward to our continued match-up with our old friends The Knights and CCR and Forward Dymamics corps Wednesday night in Springfield.

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let's go Thoroughbred and Colonels! Keep it up! Let's push hard tonight Enlightenment!

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That really was a tight race in Open Class in Arizona a difference of .11 in the top 4 of the night. And less than a full point between the top 5.

Abracadabra Academy is really fighting to get a chance to participate in the World Class Championships.

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And they'll officially have the opportunity, as the vote to allow the highest placing corps in Open and Class A finals has passed. :smile:

Today's events:

Last night's Open Class scores in Phoenix were some of the closest we've seen all season! As the tour returns to southern California in preparation for the Western regional championships, you can expect the level of competition to get even hotter. Tonight, the Thoroughbreds group look to make Southwestern College's DeVore Stadium in San Diego their own private playground, while Dark Knights B and Stars of St. Louis try to shake things up in Open Class and Class A.


Credit: UTPrepSports

Marciano Stadium in Brockton MA will be the sight of an intense head to head faceoff between The Knights and Polaris Regiment, two of the most successful corps in World Class. We can also look forward to what should be a great matchup between Les Blanc Chevaliers and Huddersfield Hundred. We love international competition here, and these two corps from Canada and England respectively have been putting on great shows all season long.


In Cleveland OH, the stands at North Royalton HS will be overflowing as fans turn out to enjoy the largest slate of corps of the day. Tri-State Troubadors are back in action tonight and will be gunning for Buckeye Brass and Great Lakes Sound, while their Class A compatriots Mountain Sound will try to show what they can do against the likes of Crusade and Hoosier Regiment.


And at Spanish Fort HS in Mobile AL, Florida Sound will be trying to get more comfortable with their program as they get closer to their home state. Meanwhile, expect a good matchup between Aftershock NZ and Golden Panthers in World Class.


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Out west, corps are getting ready for the western regional championships later this week, and will be looking to use tonight's event at Citrus Stadium in Glendora CA as a final tuneup before Thursday's prelims.


Thunder Cadets have been struggling a bit to capture the success of their "big brother" organization, Schuylkill Thunder, but are hoping that tonight's show at Springfield Central HS in Springfield MA marks a turning point in their season. In Class A, the Hamburg Junior Buccaneers found themselves at the top of last night's standings and are looking to repeat that feat tonight.


In the southern region, Golden Panthers turned in a dominating performance last night in Mobile. Now they'll try to prove it was no fluke against some serious contenders, including Quiksilver, River City Regiment and Euphony Empire. Due to a number of late registrants, this event has been moved to Ponte Vedra HS, a larger venue outside of town.


Credit: Lynn Damm Photography

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With western corps having their last rehearsal day before the western regionals begin, eastern corps have today's fields of competition to themselves, competing at Chambersburg HS in Chambersburg PA and Jess Dow Field in New Haven CT.


Cred: Barton Associates


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