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The "Music Corps Should Do" thread

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I've decided to add on to my dream (probably Madison) show. Previously, it was Malaguena (Malaga opener, Malaguena closer). I'm not upgrading it to be Malaguena Salerosa:

- Malaga

- Malaguena

- Malaguena Salerosa


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I think it could be interesting to see Mandarins do a show based on the Butterfly Lovers or the ballet, Raise the Red Lantern.  Beautiful music and a powerful storyline that would be a different show from the past two years.  

Also, still would love to see SCV do a show based on the choruses from The Death of Klinghoffer.  Such great and powerful music!

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How has no one done Aaron Copland's massively underrated Symphonic Ode? Especially starting at 4:25, but I can see the whole work being condensed into a show.

(Fun fact: For an album titled "Copland: The Modernist," none of the pieces on it were used in SCV's 1998 show of the same name.)


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A possibility for Boston and no one else!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ5lQev52gk   Back in the my BAC years, Ed Denon once talked about  playing almost non stop for the whole routine.  There's enough stuff just in the track "Barbarian Horde" to maybe do this. The whole show theme could be about this one scene which could represent Boston's struggles for many years of their existence to overcome the odds.  And Boston's guard would once again have the chance to shine.  Most of us have some OCD in us and alas, I feel many D&BC arrangers would not allow themselves to use only one/two songs for a complete show.  Gladiator might be designed to bring the audience from a quite beginning and constant build up to the ending.

Video of the scene and music.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQQZR-Skftk

But, like any of the suggestions posted, the key is acquiring the rights to the music.

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