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Pittsburgh, PA Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood

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Join us on Monday, January 19th at at the SouthSide Works Cinema located at 425 Cinema Drive, Pittsburgh for a screening of the award winning, documentary feature film "Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood" which features the Madison Scouts drum & bugle corps. This is a one-night-only screening and it will be a very special evening. Look for representatives from the Steel City Ambassadors Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps who will be at the theater recruiting and promoting their corps. They all have many years experience marching both junior and all-age corps. Also, please drop by early so we can all get together for a group photo to show the world we support the marching arts.

For those needing tickets you MUST pre-ordered for this screening, so please follow this link to order your tickets http://gathr.us/screening/9848. There will NOT be tickets available at the door. Please invite everyone you know in the Western PA or Ohio area to this outstanding event. Time is running out, only hours to go!

Film Synopsis: In one unforgettable summer, three young men commit themselves to one of the most demanding youth activities in the country -- World Class drum and bugle corps: A veteran drumline member steps into a leadership role for the first time; a 15-year-old trumpet player from Texas becomes the youngest member of the entire corps; and a color guard member fights to finish his final season after receiving a life-changing diagnosis. Often referred to as marching band on steroids, drum and bugle corps pushes young people to extreme levels, both physically and mentally -- all for one 11-minute performance. All three young men march with the Madison Scouts from Madison, Wisconsin. The strong brotherhood of this all-male organization helps them through their struggles and celebrates their triumphs.

This movie is meant to be experienced on the BIG screen since the filmmakers worked hard to capture the sound of LIVE drum corps with 5.1 surround sound!

Click the links below to find out more information about the screening and this inspiring documentary. Please spread the word and reserve your tickets now at the Gathr website below!

Get Tickets NOW: http://gathr.us/screening/9848

Trailer: http://youtu.be/TQeQDbRbRt0

Website: http://www.scoutshonormovie.com/

Press: http://www.scoutshonormovie.com/press/

Best Documentary Award 2014 FLY Film Festival (Oklahoma) Best Documentary Award 2014 Austin Indie Flix Showcase (Texas) Audience Award (Documentary) 2014 Twin Cities Film Fest (Minnesota)


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