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It's just what it says. The South is getting hotter! Look at the drum corps activity brewing in Florida and Alabama. Add that to the anchors in Atlanta. Expand a little more into Virginia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Louisiana and Texas. Wow there is a lot of stuff going on. I am sure I missed some.


Rocketeers - Huntsville - DCA Mini Corps, DCI SoundSport

Southern Knights - Birmingham - DCA

South Song - Mentone - WGI Winds

SouthWind - Mobile - DCI


Florida Brass - Lakeland - Alumni

Florida Xpress - Orange Park - DCI SoundSport

Heat Wave - DCI

Impact - Orlando - DCA Mini Corps

Phoenix - Lees Park - WGI

Solaris - Mineola - DCA

Sun Devils - DCA


Alliance - DCA


Spirit - DCI

University of North Georgia - Dahlonega - DCI SoundSport, WGI Winds


Louisiana Stars - Lafayette - DCI

North Carolina

Buzz City Brass - Mini Corps

Carolina Gold - Wilson - DCA

Triangle Brass - Research Triangle Park - DCI SoundSport

South Carolina

Carolina Crown - Fort Mill - DCI


Music City - Nashville - DCI


Crossmen - San Antonio - DCI

Genesis - Austin - DCI

Guardians - Seguin - DCI

Maelstrom - Paducah - DCI

Vigilantes - Euless - DCI SoundSport, WGI Winds


Shenandoah Sound - Woodbridge - DCA

West Virginia

Jewel City - Byesville - DCI

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You missed the newest SC OC Corps. Coastal Surge Drum and Bugle Corps From Myrtle Beach!

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There may be a new all-age corps in Corpus Christi Texas. Coastal corps is trying to organize now.

Also, Gulf Coast Sound may be coming back. There is talk about it in Houston.

And there is interest/chatter in College Station, southeast Texas/Beaumont area (where national champions Bengal Lancers were from in the 1930's)

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Optimistic IMO with 7 of those listed as DCA. But I guess 4 of them are returning from last season. Best of luck.

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