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Murphy, Juwan


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Murphy, Juwan

Carolina Crown, Baritone

Hello, I'm new to this community but my name is Juwan Murphy and I am currently a sophomore music performance and education major at the University of Central Florida with my focus on trombone. I started with music early with the piano in elementary school and in middle school joined the band in 7th grade and have been playing trombone since then. Ever since I started high school I have been intrigued by drum corp. The amount of talent and dedication that must of went in to achieve the feats that some did to me was incredible. As I started to get more into drum corp I began to love the sound that the crown brass had and could only dream of ever being a part of the horn line. I was always a great player but just the sheer amount of money that was required to participate in the groups made ever joining one seem impossible. After graduating highschool and working on my own I decided to take a leap of faith and audition for the corp of my dream Carolina Crown in 2014. Although showing potential I was cut the February camp and I was devastated. This disappointment only made me drive more and this year I re-auditioned got a contract! This will be my first year marching drum corp and as a 20 year old this is one of my last chances. I had believed the hard part was out of the way but realizing the limited work schedule I had due to school it caused my severe lack of funds and even though all of my money has gone to the corp that I made I was still severely behind on payments. Just in tuition alone I have $1,575 left to pay not to mention my camp fee, spring training, and uniform fees left. If you were to decide to donate your donation however small will greatly help me accomplish my dreams and give me a music educational experience I will always remember which would mean the world to me. To help you would need to follow this link to the Crown store and put my name down in the member name field at this link: http://www.thecrownstore.com/carolina-crown-member-sponsorship/

Also here is the Carolina Crown main website to find out more info on the corp: Carolinacrown.org

Also I will leave my email address here to contact me directly for any more info: Jm543211092@gmail.com

Please consider donating or possibly sharing this with someone who would like to donate and continue to grow drum corps. Be blessed :)

Juwan Murphy

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