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Hello, does anyone know of any currently active Sr. Corps in CA that are fielding a corps anytime soon? I started my drum corps career marching tenors with River City Regiment back in 2002 as a junior in high school. After aging out in 2007, I fell out of the activity until this past year when I was asked by an old teacher of mine to help with her drumline. Now I have the bug to march again.

I've looked into every corps that I can recall and this is what I've been able to determine.

RCR = folded in 2007

SF Renegades = barely kicking, but from best I can tell, not fielding anytime soon

SoCal Dream = same boat as SF.

I've also looked into Freelancers, JOBE, and VK Alumni. Great brass ensembles, but no plans to field anything other than mini corps and zero percussion lines.

If Ive missed a stone, let me know. I'd love to march again.

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I was in 2 of the 3 you listed, including Kingsmen Senior in our lone season in 2009. Good times in all the years I marched.

The alumni and mini corps groups are ways for us DCI age out folks to stay active in California. Freelancers Mini Corps and Alumni get some DCI gigs during the So Cal tour. You should contact them if interested. Jim Ott Brass Ensemble is also another group. They had a gig at DCI Stanford the past few years. Other notables are The Anaheim Halloween Parade (many guys and gals I marched with in 2007 Kingsmen Alumni do that one). San Francisco Renegades did the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade this year. That's a great gig that will be recurring with them, from my understanding. I have done that parade a few times, and its been a great time. There are a few other parades that will have small ensembles, mostly with ex California corps members that will put something together.

What I appreciate is that California has a strong DCI Open Class circuit. So much so, that a championship in recent years for California Open Class has been held in the middle of tour in July. Usually the Bellflower or Laguna show, from what I recall. BDB, SCV Cadets, Gold, Incognito, Watchmen, Impulse, and City Sound, along with the big boys, Mandarins and PacificCrest-This regional touring model, in my opinion, has allowed for some great shows post BD and SCV leaving for National Tour.

If you think about all the opportunities those corps give local kids, it's marvelous, I am pro regional touring model, and California's example is healthy- Just as DCA gives the DCI aged kids on the east coast this opportunity to march locally. But because the Open Class opportunity exists so strongly and regionally in California, I think its caused the Senior Corps scene to dwindle in recent years. Much harder to recruit. But as noted above, there are still opportunities if you want to remain active. Hope my descriptions have helped.

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Thanks for the info. I've contacted a few of the corps and I get the same answer. Active brass ensemble, no plans for a battery line or competing in DCA anytime soon. Guess I should have learned how to play a horn.

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