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What All Girl Corps was your favorite? Or what AG corps did you say, "Man those girls can kick butt!" Or something like that.

My first one I saw was Mello Dears in 1971 and after that when I saw St. Johns Girls. In 1972 I saw CapitolAires. I finally saw St. Ignatius and Audobon Bon Bons in 1976. Wow!

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MA had quite a few All Girl Corps in the 60's ... Norwood Debs, Joanettes, Jeanettes ... maybe more ...


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Bon Bons had one hell of a bari line in 74 blew me away .got to see them in Marrion ,then Toleado and again in WhiteWater WOW

The Firettes where a pretty good all girl corps also back in the day

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"Connecticut All Girls":

If I recollect correctly my old home state had several really good "All Girls" units. Bridgeport had the Notre Dame High School corps the "ND Ettes", taught by Joe Genero and several members of the 1960's Hurricanes.

St Raphael's Parish had the Marrionettes, as well as the all male Buccaneers and their "Cadets Corps" the Musketeers.

Fairfield had a all-girls corps called the "Colonades", and "Upstate" Connecticut had the Norwich" Firette's" and the Lieciester All Girls corps.

The two corps that I marched with St Ann's and the Conn Royal Lancers were both "Co-Ed", with females not only in the "Traditional" color guards but also the horn and drum sections as well.

I'm sure Andy Lisko can come up with several more "All Girls" Connecticut corps, but these come to mind.



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