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Jersey Surf Merchandise?

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Hello everyone! For those who haven't met me already, I'm Ronnie. Major Jersey Surf fan :laugh: .

It's come to my attention in the past few years of being a Surf fan, that there's a hug lack of corps merch available for them. Now whether or not it's just me not looking hard or not, I can't be sure. My question to you all is, are they only selling merch at shows, on a small scale, and if that isn't the case, where online can I find it?

(by the way, if anyone has any Jersey Surf swag they'd like to show off here, like shirts or sweatshirts or anything, do share! I'd love to see them.)

Thanks guys!

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Hey Ronnie. The only thing better than a major Jersey Surf fan is a major fan that wants and needs swag. I help out a bit with the corps and I know that being a 100% volunteer organization their hasn't been much on clothing on the website in recent times. We do have lots of stuff for sale (horns, tickets, percussion) and will be adding tees, hats, sweatshirts....the whole gambit, in the near future.

Please message me with your address and size and I'll make sure you get something to hold you over until tour starts. By the looks of the Surf office the souvie wagon is going to be well stocked with great stuff.

Surf's Up!


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