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Blue Devils Preview at Family Day 2015

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Here's my review from the Blue Devils debut yesterday. Unlike last year, I was generally not impressed. I think the door is wide open for someone else to take the championship this year.

First of all, they didn't perform their whole show. At the end of their ballad (which had a pretty lackluster ending), the DM turned around and saluted. This is typical for SCV this time of year, but not BD. If memory serves me correctly, BD has always at least performed their entire program at Family Day, and I've been at every Family Day since 2010. BD also usually has their props substantially complete at this show but I don't think that was the case this year. There were several props on wheels they were pushing around that looked like white metal frames that were no more than 3' tall. No visual contribution whatsoever. I'm guessing these are still a work in progress.

They are having few performance issues. Brass, percussion, and guard are all kicking ### as usual. Drum line was missing #3 bass, but I'm guessing this is an illness or injury situation.

Other than being behind schedule in getting the show complete and learned, they also have show design issues. Last year I was intrigued by the incredible complexity and coordination of the show. Even though I didn't fully understand the subtleties of the Fellini theme, the show was accessible and enjoyable nonetheless. Not so this year. There was some great music and drill and guard work happening, but they just aren't complimenting each other to the level that I'm used to seeing from BD. The show just didn't flow well in my opinion. In other words, I found the show boring. Granted, the stands were low and I was on the 25 yard line, so I may be all wet, but I watched last year's show from a similar perspective and came away with a vastly different impression.

In summary, it seems like this could be a down year for BD (which of course for them means 2nd or 3rd place). So will SCV, Crown, Cadets, or Bluecoats step up to fill the void? We'll see!

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I am excited to be going to 2016 BD Family Day in two weeks. It is interesting to read the comment from last year, because it was on target. BD show at Family Day and in Sacramento in 2015 was just a bit (or a a lot) disjointed at the time. There were some great moments and the ballad was pretty, but I could not tell at the time that the props were books. When I saw the final product (sadly not in person) at Semi's in the movie theater I was shocked at how everything came together. The addition of the little girl the week of Finals was inspired and from what Scott Chandler said, had been planned from the beginning. I cannot wait to see what BD has in store for us this year. They have a lot less rookies than they had last year, so I think they will have more of the show on the field , but I will see two weeks from yesterday. I will fill you all in on what I see. The only thing is what I see at Family Days is always so different from what will end up on the field come the second Saturday in August.

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I am not sure if I can make family day but I can tell you they are at the same point they were last year. I think that INK was the best show ever done. It had everything. It took them all season to put it together and I prefer it much more to 2014 even though that was the record score ever. I will be there Saturday to help cook the meatball dinner.

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