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Given the overwhelming number of folks in here that didn't report those issues, it's likely a problem on your end. It's certainly worth exploring.

My friend on the other side of the state that has the best Internet possible (progranmer/gamer) said he had freezes. I just don't know if I want to spend $60 for something I can miss and waste money never getting to rewatch.

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Should have hired the Pied Piper guys to help with the compression :) My stream was stuck on the dci loop, hit a refresh and Madison was halfway in. That's not cool..

enter; idiot

Lol. I love how 9 out of 10 posts in this topic are about HDMI cables/streaming/techno mumbo-jumbo and nothing to do with the performances themselves!

replay is still up. ok, that's the trick, don't close the browser. smoother the 2nd time around, probably because of the caching.

I closed my browser, re-opened, and was able to relaunch the video with DVR after the live feed was over.

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Picture to black at 9:09 ... sound of crowd continues until 9:15 ... then DCI logo without sound, but you can still rewind and it's 9:30.

Maybe the idea is you get enough time to rewind if you had to take a restroom break?

Or maybe they can be looser with a free performance than one for which they charge.

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So . . . .

Has anyone been encouraged to now purchase a subscription?

Yup, I'll buy. I'm able to do what I need to do with the feed and will get enough bang for my bucks through the summer to make it worth while.

I can live with some of the issues that we experienced tonight but I'd expect to have the sound feed fixed within the first few shows or I might fire off an irate email.

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Would have preferred a more traditional book from the Troopers, but their horn line seemed better to me this year. Their music, I thought, was technically easier than the scouts and was a bit cleaner.

I like the Scouts music selections and thought the brass was powerful as usual. Music was more difficult so was not totally clean for such an early show. They will get this taken care of as the season progresses. I think the giant rolling trunks will figure into the show more than they did tonight. The last half of the show they just sat on the field unused. Liked the closer and the kick a## trombone solo ...... Go Dan!!!

Thanks DCI for the free preview show. We had no glitches in the broadcast on our end. See everyone at the movies Wednesday night.

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You all know my bias, so adjust your set accordingly, but I'm very encouraged by the direction of the Troopers. They keep raising their own bar, and it is obvious to all with eyes and ears that the music and the drill continues to ratchet up the demand from year to year. Troopers intend to earn their way up the ladder. That closer has the potential to land a knockout punch. Sound quality on the ballad tonight was horrible, so I couldn't get a good emotional read on it. But all in all, a solid first step to the season.

This is so true. They are doing huge things (I don't know much about their drumline or guard but man is their hornline on fire) and they truly are improving significantly from year to year. Big things are coming for Troop.

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Here in Florida no problems ,but my friends in Manhatten N'Y. loss it and had freeze problems was about to turn it off and forget it .After watching the whole build up troop had white fencing in a rehersal althought not on the field tonight .Troop can take this show a long way .Loved it Do wish they'd goo back to the gold cummerbund n drop the black does nothing for the uniform .

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