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Trumpet mouthpiece

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What kind of mouth piece would you recommend for a trumpet player that's a junior in high school?What would sound best?

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If you play tpt: Bach CG3

If you play Mellophone: Bach 1 1/2

the idea is to move to a darker, deeper mouthpiece than say the 1C ...this trains your chops to project volume and access the upper register, w/o blowing sharp or popping out of the ensemble sound. The one I listed above + whatever the Yamaha equivalent is of those two & yer all good.

I prefer gold-coating if you can afford it or have a generous sponsor who will get you one, other that I don't use any bells & whistles like weird materials or long "supertone" cups or shallow cups....they will handicap you in the long run.

This is personal preference but I don't care much for Marcinkoweicz.

King, Jupiter, Getzen & Kanstul also make equivalent/acceptable sizes for a 17 yr old wanting to step up his game. (I'm not sure the size #s' though).

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