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Crossmen: Definetely a step up from last year in terms of difficulty and execution, however, music wasnt as accessible to me. I also dont really like the uniforms, they just look too WGI for me. Overall a nice showing from crossmen! Definetely a lock for finals, but will probably stay in the 10th to 12th zone.

Bluecoats: Great show! Loved the way they utilize electronics in a way that supports the show, rather than dominates it. Drill is also much more complex than that of Tilt, as they created far more shapes and forms. I dont know if they will finish as high as last year due to a much heavier level of competition, but this show sure is a crowd favorite. Cant wait to see them in August. Will finish no higher than 4th but no lower than 5th.

Carolina Crown: There best show since the cream years IMO. After they went a little too far with props and gimmicks last year and somewhat the year before, It was nice to see them go a little more traditional while keeping that crown innovation. I loved the banner in the opener, as it creates such a nice effect and emphasizes the really dark, evil feel the music relays to the crowd. A dark horse for the championship, but its not very likely that they will win the gold. I can see them in 3rd, no higher and no lower.

Santa Clara Vanguard: Probably my least favorite show of the evening, but that dosent mean I didnt like it. The show was overall more flat than the other shows tonight, however, it definetely had its moments, such as the first big hit, which had a great ensemble sound. I also loved the solo in pure imagination, that guy could sure play. A lock for the top 5, but wont get any higher than 4th.

Phantom Regiment: LOVED this show. Reminds me of Red Violin, not the best visual program, but one hell of a hornline with some great music. Sure, this show definetely isnt a medal contender, but it sure is a great show. Deserves more praise than it gets, as this is probably the strongest Phantom corps ive seen since 2012. Will challenge for 7th, but will most likely finish in 8th.

Blue Devils: Great effects in this show, especially the K pop drum break. I hope the Blue Devils keep up this new trend of having more accesible shows than those of the past. Should be a solid second place.

The cadets: AMAZING! Its great seeing the cadets perform a show like this again! The opener was amazing and had a great overall feel to it. Very unpredictable, as you can never tell what will happen next. These guys had by far the best performance of the night, and the closer is by far the best drill of the season and looked very challenging. They will be a very strong contender for the gold.

The Cavaliers: My favorite show of the night. I loved every moment of this amazing production, and I dont know why it has been getting negative reviews. Definetely the best brass of the last 4 years, and IMO, the best drill Cavaliers have offered since 2011. Really hope these guys can challenge for the top 5, and while that probably will not happen this season, I still love this program. The highest I could see these guys is 5th, and the lowest being 8th.

Everything I said about these corps and their performances is soley based on my own opinion, so I am sorry if alot of you guys disagree with me. There wasnt any corps that dissapointed me, so hopefully you all will find my review very positive!

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