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Flew into Nashville. Had a great day. Drove to M-boro. Nice drive. ATL tomorrow.

Phantom Regiment - Rockford, IL

Sticking with their big connected drill visual style.

Solid brass but with some issues tonight.

Great guard.
Okay Drums.

Great pit writing, Stellar actually.

Voice overs too much. "I Love Paris" over an aggressive drum break? What? Makes no sense.

A bit too old-school for me.

I do not think they are memorable enough to make any upset at this point.

Enjoyed it nonetheless.

The Cavaliers - Rosemont, IL

Very Cavie-like drill.

Phased a lot tonight. A lot. Almost every phrase.

Guard coming along.

Opening was fairly convincing.

Drums okay.

Brass had a really rough night. Mellos were pretty offensive at times. Mello feature on side one was

shockingly bad.

Theme not followable.

Think they could fall to 10th.

Seeed timid tonight and behind on cleaning.

Just didn't speak to me tonight.

Blue Devils - Concord, CA

Better every time I see it, from a design stand point.

Dirt in all areas. Odd for them at this time of year.

Holy smokes trumpets!

Drums with a rough run.

Guard amazing moments, and some off moments.

Theme coming across better.

Doing the "heady" stuff as usual, in addition to some very approachable stuff.

Emotional connection not there tonight at all. Audience sat on their hands.

Santa Clara Vanguard - Santa Clara, CA

Intro was really on fire.

All sections very even in talent, with drums a stand out.

I like the modern SCV.

Drill tight too often.

Need more field use.

Some really loud moments.

Brass depth shows some weakness.

Drums on fire at times, front ensemble had an off night.

A lot of individual mistakes tonight.

Enjoyed the show. Eager to see more development.

Carolina Crown - Ft. Mill, SC

One of two crowd favorites tonight.

Intro was rough, but so exposed.

Amazing guard.

Agressive and impeccable brass most of the show.

Theme is very captivating.

Drums better. Book not top three yet.

Very ending is much better. Prior full minute is just an egregious travesty compared to the genius of

the rest of the show.

Could win, could be fifth.

The Cadets - Allentown, PA

The other crowd favorite.

A display of human feats accomplished so well that just shoud not be possible.

Drum line has so much meat and exposed stuff it is unreal. AND PLAYING IT!

Pit clearly the best writing and acheivement of the summer, unless they simply do not show up.


So musically shaped.

Clever use of a simple thematic thread (10).

Love the ending.

Reardless of others' changes/cleaning, not sure this can be beat in the end.

Blue Knights - Denver, CO

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Enjoyed them more than SCV tonight.

Should easily stay ahead of Cavies and PR.

The opening is just so enrapturing.

Drums were excellent tonight.

Original and unique compared to everyone else.

Gorgeous brass sounds.

Mature and effective blend of electronics.

Excited to see it again.

Bluecoats - Canton, OH

Wonderfully entertaining.


Very even in all sections.

Innovative, shocking, super cool use of electronics.

More depth than initially meets the eye.

Guard use is stellar.

Still a contender.

Ending not quite right yet.

Music City - Nashville, TN

Smart show design.

A lot of visual dirt still.

Pretty even section to section.

Some good features.

A shaky start tonight.

Strong pacing.

Great ending.

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Great review!!

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Thanks for your review.


Fan of the Arts

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