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I can't remember a season where I've thoroughly enjoyed nearly every show I've seen. The comments on DCP are more positive than I remember (or maybe admit).

Frankly, I've been p'ing/m'oaning about electronics for years; I guess I'm used to them (or most just don't get in the way anymore). I turned my back to non-traditional horns; trombones and Frenchies are winning me over.

At the Dublin show last night, Pioneer woke me up with their opening statement right from Cecil B. DeMille. FUN SHOW!

The Colts took one of my favorite childhood entertainments (radio drama) and took me right into Johnny Staccato's life.

The Crossmen, clearly the night's shoulder shrugger, were still pretty ok. I'll anticipate seeing them again, because I didn't get it. But I want to!

Troopers just nailed my second favorite horse show. What a riot! Absolutely fantastic ending (escape). The crowd loved it!

First time I saw Blue Stars, I was confused, addled, disappointed. All it took was some theme clarification and cleaning, and I loved it! The guard is just amazing, too.

I predicted Bloo would fall from last year's grace. I'm not sure they'll get 2nd, but what a blast of a show! It gets better as it progresses; the audience (and I) jumped out of our seats before it ended.

Before 2014, I hadn't "loved" BD since 1986. Really. Last year, they made me love everything they did. Admittedly, I still have a hangover for them; comparatively, this show is a huge step down (but is great fun and could easily win, so there!). "Ink" should really be, "Ex machina II: Color Guard," because those people simply aren't human. Crown's guard is scoring higher? Seriously? I'm drooling for Monday night in Massillon.

And so it goes. Nothing but wonderful, positive drum corps vibes in 2015. I hope they keep it up!

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