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Venue: PPL Park, a nice facility in a lousy neighborhood. Was able to park for free and egress after the event was pretty painless.

CROWN: this show has really grown since June. Going on first did not bother them at all. There were a few slips on the wet turf but no major issues.Brass is outstanding as usual and the color guard is their best ever. Crown handles the dark theme quite well. If they had SCV's drum line, they might be undefeated.

SANTA CLARA: those drums! Loved their tight, compact drill but didn't think the Tesla coils added much to the show until the end when they lit them up along with their uniforms. This show will not threaten the top 4.

PHANTOM: my late Dad who introduced me to drum corps was a huge Phan. I think he would have been disappointed with this show.

CAVALIERS: Liked their horn line particularly in the opener (despite a few holes) Color guard doesn't really sell the theme. Some interesting drill but not consistent throughout the show.

BLUECOATS: this show deserves to medal. They push the envelope on electronics and do it better then anyone. Had some setup issues prior to the start of the show. Solid across all captions but not dominant in any. The design team deserves kudos for this unique presentation of what drum corps can be in the 21st century. They may very well catch one of the corps currently ahead of them.

BLUE DEVILS: another amazing performance by the crew from Concord. Blue Devils don't march, they flow effortlessly across the field. No other corps could put so many props on the field and integrate them so seamlessly into the drill. They have no weaknesses (except for maybe the K-pop section.)

CADETS: On the drive to the show I told my son how much I loved this show from repeated viewings on Periscope and you tube. Old school Cadets were back-fast paced drill, great music, little narration and props. And we were gonna be the first crowd to see the new uniforms. But what we saw last night was a letdown. I don't know if the kids were tired but the performance seemed a little flat. What does black have to do with the theme? Is it the 10th color in the Crayola box? Excellent horns and drums and a classic Sactig drill will have the Cadets in contention for title #11. Color guard may be their Achilles heel though.

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