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I view the request to not record as the price of admission. You want to view a Corps rehearsal, you play by THEIR rules. All it takes is a few "rules don't apply to me" types, and Corps will start h

Crown introduces the 2016 show: KickA##! Hell hath no fury like a drum corps scorned!

People kept joking about bringing chik-fil-a in the facebook live warm up videos Crown does. So tonight, I brought them a giant bag of chik-fil-a and delivered it to Roxy before the show. :)

So I just watched the video from MA.. and there were some just amazing moments there.. Truly amazing. The big addition to the closer had me by surprise, but holy hell was that amazing.

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What you define as an "updated feel?" I'm mostly asking because I agree it's traditional but I'm not sure what's new or updated about it other than using a trombone.

I mean they construct a show with a solid story line while retaining great drumcorps. If you want to dig deeper into the show, that stuff is there but you don't have to and can enjoy glorious drumcorps.
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I know I'm new here, but can I have the link to the Muncie show as well? Avid Crown fan here, and I plan on seeing them for the first time at the TOC here in Houston. =]

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Would love the MA and Muncie show links. Thanks!

It won't let me msg you.

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youtube link here

Trying to get it taken down? Edited by Clutchtow
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