Bloooooooooooo! Bluecoats Official 2016 Thread

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It's this.

Let me be the first to say, I do believe Bluecoats have peaked. ;-)

30 years ago, Larry Hershman was telling my dad about how he signed on with the Bluecoats. My dad said "who?" Sometime in the winter of 86 that first bus left Cumberland Valley HS headed to Ohio. kid


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I posted this in The Cadets thread too, but it's applicable here too, to you little weasels talking crap and using Bluecoats as part of your point:

I love Bluecoats A LOT. But all the comments talking crap on Cadets have gotta stop. Pisses me off. SERIOUSLY. That is SO classes and BS.

I flipped huge on Cadets tonight. They sold me on things I HATED Monday night. I think their show could go SO far!

I'm gonna rave about Bluecoats tonight, but I might rave a little bit extra for Cadets since some people are being ########.

Even if you aren't part of the organization in any way, makes them look so bad.

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This show was something else. Unlike anything that's ever been done on a football field. Really enjoyed it.

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