DCE Championships Webcast 9/26

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Does anybody have the link for to DCE Championships webcast on Saturday??

I've checked around and can't find anything.


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from a Tom Peashey post on FB http://www.drumcorpseurope.org/

and in another post (with a reminder that times are 6 hours ahead of EDT


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Thank you, The first link worked fine.

There is a link to click on there for the Webcast.

BIg John

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They just finished finals and the awards ceremony is beginning.

Jubal, Kidsgrove, and The Company really had the crowd on its feet

Kidsgrove trailed The Company by 0.2 in prelims.........

The Company has the best vocalist I've heard for a drum corps......

You can still rewind and watch performances...... you won't be sorry !

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This is the fifth year DCE has had a free live feed...... they solicit for "patrons" to donate so they may continue the free webcast.....

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Kidsgrove and Company split caption awards almost evenly.....

1. Kidsgrove Scouts 91.25

2. The Company 90.20

3. Jubal 88.00

4. Juliana 82.50

5. Starriders 79.60

6. Spirit of 52 75.25

7. Mosson Secutores 72.20

8. Wolper Lowen 71.85

9. Cadence 67.3

10. Revolution 65.3

Corps now leaving field for KS encore performance.....

While everyone at DCA was peaking on Labor Day weekend, Kidsgrove still had 3 weeks to continue improving. Jubal had even more time between DCI and today......

What a pleasant extension to my drum corps season........

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They've got a party going on out there ! Corps are mingling, singing, dancing, playing.........

I'm very happy to see gold medals around the necks of the KS. They had quite a year to remember......

The Company would make a great addition to DCA's line up !

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Each corps serenaded KS and the judges as they exited...... Now, The Company is in an arc in the "endzone" playing a salute to KS gathered in front of them...... color guards (fronts) are mingling......... and Kidsgrove is setting up for encore performance......... crowd showing lots of love to The Company........

DCE ends their annual championship with quite an on-field party !

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