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Mr. H. needs to realize his job is not show design. It's the job of the people he hired. Wonder how he would feel if the design team stuck their noses into how Yea or US bands was run? I bet he wouldn't like it very much.

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Well, it's been a long and interesting winter, but I guess it's time to update where things stand: my son will be marching as part of The Cadets trumpet line after all this season. Can't wait to

Drum corps is a youth activity that brings out the worst in adults. It's always been fascinating to me. GO CADETS! Finish this thing! Make a video you are proud of!

Believe it not, not everyone's emotional response to a show is based on how it scores. Maybe drum corps doesn't come from a score. Maybe drum corps, perhaps, means a little bit more.

I just watched a periscopetv. No stage.

Oh my goodness. A voice of reason has decended from the heavens

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My thoughts on the last few pages of this thread:

  1. It's my favorite Cadets' show in several seasons
  2. I have been thrilled listening to both the old (Resphigi) and the new (Mackey)
  3. No matter what the final consensus is on black uniforms from the press box, they look sharp as can be up close
  4. My son will be back next year
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