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One of the best days in the year ( for a retired guy ) is when the DCI BluRay arrives ( especially when you have a 6ft by 12ft HD projection system with a 12 speaker- including subwoofer -speaker system )

ThankYou DCI and Tom Blair for doing the diligence!

Great camera work lots of close-ups of features and the usual stellar audio.

Every show ( IMHO ) was well conceived and masterfully executed!

Only audio cut really obvious was BK ( mainly because of the visual disclaimer )

Sorry -no critiques- I enjoyed every show! ( I was at Allentown both nights and the same is true for all corps - including those not on DVD)

Most of all - KUDOS TO ALL THE PLAYERS - you should ALL be proud of the hard work you put in leading to these wonderful performances!

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Edit, my mistake.

Edited by N.E. Brigand
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