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CHRISP did you go to Farmingdale ? l had some friends who went there and where turned away ,toldthey spoke with others that got in and said there where single seats it was sold out ..They spoke with others the next day and found out there where single seats open in all told about 15 \I under stand that was a smaller moive house compared tp Islands !6 it held only 130 seats .

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You've got to remember folks, this is DCI...they're going to show it where there are lots of band kids, because that's they're target audience. They don't give a hoot about where corps alums are, this is a recruitment tool. In my area, I have been to most of the showings over the past several years; there was only one instance I recall where there was an obvious presence by a local band. The theater did have a very good crowd, which is a positive sign that they will continue to show it. Target audience or not, bottom line is they'll show it if they can make money by doing it.

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For all of you going to the Jersey Shore this weekend. There are at least 3 places to see it that night, Brick, Toms River and I think Neptune. All near Asbury Park and Seaside Heights.

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