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Thoughts on the Rose Bowl show from last night (written as I was fading into oblivion...pardon if it's a little sparse.)

Thoughts on the show (from what I remember...getting tired)

Golden Empire: Solid in all sections. Nice brass sound, although it didn't project very well to my seats (about halfway up, Side 1 45 yard line in the BD section). Amazing size for such a young corps.

Watchmen: Needs a good deal of work, but potential is there....battery tended to drown the brass at times, since the brass ,line is somewhat small.

Incognito: I'll be was painfully bad. tiny horn line absolutely buried by a drum line FAR too large for it, and a musical book far above the ability of the kids to perform...have seen this time and again with small corps. I understand the large battery was probably because of the need to reach DCI's minimum size...but the staff of not doing these kids ANY favors. Here's a hint...stop trying to play music you need a good sized brass line to play...start picking stuff for a tiny ensemble that they can actually pull off. This is like Jester all over again...but worse. The only good thing I can say is that the kids tried their best.

Impulse....some good solid moments, but that's all that sticks out right now. However, narration did NOT help at all....totally worthless...almost Cadets 07 bad..

Gold: Solid brass line as always...first glimpses of some power in the brass line.

Intermission and the Freelancers Alums....playing all BD music! We in the BD section were MOST pleased! Well performed and fun!

Mandarins: The first truly solid corps after Golden Empire...started having trouble deciding where to look, which means the programming is picking up. First really loud line that projected.

Academy: DEAR GOD, PLEASE MAKE FINALS WITH THIS SHOW!! Fantastic from top to bottom...fave of the night. Top shelf programming and performance....brass parted my hair a few times.

Pacific Crest: Solid, not as loud or impactful as Academy, tho. Storyline easy to follow.

Madison: Hard to live in the shadow of the 99 show, but pulled it off well.

Blue Knights: What did I just watch?? Like a bit of performance art form which I find really pretentious. Lost me early on.

I'd also really like to thank BK for blinding me during the first half of the run last stadium light reflections from mirrors on BOTH sides....ouch.

I felt like an ant downrange of a kid with a magnifying glass....

Blue Devils: Awwww yeah! Spectacular for JUNE...definitely a contender as always)
Edit: Ok was July 2....let's call it really REALLY late with me here, people.
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