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uncomfortably warm in Broken Arrow - Wed, July 20

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BTW - since you will be there in the stands tonight, we have some simple requests:

1. live periscope all the corps

2. give us live "man in the stands" little reports here in the thread about 8 or 10 times for each show

3. provide us a detailed mini-review between each corps

4. post several photos into the thread - be sure to capture all the pretty sets

5. after the show upload hi-res videos to youtube

6. once you get to your hotel room post a detailed review to the DCP review forum

Thanks in advance :)

- the rest of us!

Oh...and don't forget to sit and enjoy the show! :laugh:

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I'll do short reviews.

Pioneer was great, way better than when I saw them in San Antonino in 2013. Singer balance was great til the front half of the closer. She was awesome.

And what an uncommon surprise for them to troop the stands (think that's why it's called).

Great start to the night.

I love this year's show! And nothing like a little "Garry Owen" to get the drum corps juices flowing!

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Honey, you gonna be dissapointed.


You can count on number 6 though actually. Lol.

Yo! Just have fun and take it all in! Go for a little you time with DCI...

Looking forward to the review though...

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I'm ready you guy's reviews. I worked outside till noon today. I think that us why I just couldn't handle the heat tonight so I didn't go to the show. Saw Warrensburg then Bentonville though.

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