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San Antonio Showdown

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even if it doesn't get top 3, i hope scv doesn't change their approach by going too narrative/prop heavy

for me, that's a perfect mix of old school and new. love love love love love love love love.

The ad between shows for their 50th has me so excited for next year already.

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Honesty time.

I teared up a little bit live at SCVs opener.

And I have NEVER cried during a performance.

Honestly, I have teared up during a performance. Not when I'm around other people though, for some reason if I watch a very moving show like "Carolina Crown 2013" aside from the corny narration, the beautiful hit in the ballad when the corps is spread across the field made me tear up...but only when I'm watching it with the head phones all the way up alone lol

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I love the Cadets show this year, but they must do something with those birthday cakes. DO YOU HEAR ME GEORGE! They are garish and ugly.

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As long as they hold back that ending, they're going to get killed in GE! Let's hope they put it on the field this week. Go Vanguard!!

4 days not including what is probably a free day tomorrow before their next show in Nashville.

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