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San Antonio Showdown

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I don't think Bluecoats show has the visual demand to win it. They are going to max out their visual program. It's just not that difficult. I think Cavs have a more difficult visual program.

I think eventually the Blue Devs will win.

2-6 could literally be anyone else in the top 6.

I also think eventually BK and BStars will jump Phantom.

This is full of so much Wrong. Lol.

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I am a horribly addicted to Phantom Regiment. Have been so for many years. I am confused, dumbfounded and mesmerized as to what this corps is trying to accomplish. I am disappointed. I do not understand their presentation nor do I understand the choice of music. It is confusing and misleading. I am supposed to feel something and I feel nothing. I can only hope that the corps begin to get serious and attempt something new soon or I will become a loyal adversary and that is not something I want to embark on. I miss the Phantom that told a story that was able to be understand.

I have withheld posting this until the SA show was complete.

munyon1, I will do the best I can to help you understand the intent of the Regiment's 2016 program. It is about the Phantom Regiment and it is about all of us, individually and collectively. We look back; we look at the present; we look to the future.

2016 is the 60th anniversary of the Phantom Regiment. Our "Voice of Promise" program this year is a celebration of our quest over these 60 years to fulfill our promise to establish a tradition of excellence. The promise is of furthering this tradition of excellence. Our voice relates to coming into our own and looking forward to the future.

A phrase which incorporates this is that " in all of us is a better version of ourselves". In all of us there is a voice of promise.

Musically, I will refer you to podcast 526 on the Marching Roundtable site where a Q & A with Will Pitts is an opportunity to learn about the 2016 music selections and their relationship to our theme..

I accept that some will/may say and have said the Regiment could have done a better job of articulationg this premise in the manner in which we have chosen to do so to date. I simply want to stress that there is an organizing principle for our 2016 program and to urge all to enjoy its beauty and elegance for the next few weeks.

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Understood, but there are 2 percussion judges at finals and we don't see the ten thousandths. plus there were 3 Visual scores that went to the thousandths, we haven't seen that before.

So if the panel tonight had the same amount of judges as finals do, how did we end up with different "math"?

shouldnt see that happening in visual. im hearing there may be some arithmetic errors on recaps. so...let's wait and see what shakes out. 8.8+8.6 is definitely not 17.3 !!

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Seriously. I'm not a BD homer by any means - but I think they probably have the best show, on paper. Whether or not they realize the potential of their show, I don't know, but they always seem to max their show out.

Bluecoats just don't have a difficult visual program. I love the concept - I really do - but when choosing such a program that requires the judges to be more open minded, the judges combined are naturally going to have more so a different take on where they would like to see this show go than they would a more traditional program. In other words, the opinions of the judges on what the corps needs to do to bring this show more to life are going to vary wildly from one to another more than they would vary to, say, SCV's show.

This will probably end up with some judges ultimately being left wanting more, while the other programs (although safer) are going to leave the judges feeling general more fulfilled. And when the judges are more fulfilled, they give them a better score.

I think we will see this start coming into play in Atlanta next weekend, when shows are getting cleaner, and the more demanding shows will start being rewarded a little more than they were tonight, and continues through Finals. This is what happens every season, nothing new.

The only reason where I won't absolutely count the BC out of a title is because both Crown and the Devs have shows that are a tad bit stale for a championship, compared with years past.

I think Blue Devs will end up winning via a more difficult program that is performed to the max. This is pretty much how they always win, when they do win it.

Nobody wins a title solely on the merit of being "new" or "refreshing" or "different" or even "awesome" or "cool" (by fan standards).

Nobody, just like last season, is going to garner 98+ pts this season. That's the disappointment I have.

I feel the Bluecoats have a lot more they could add to this program, and by the end of the season their show will start to wear thin. It's too bad, because I really do love their program.

They will have to win all of brass, percussion AND GE to win it all, and I don't see that happening.

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It is in the northeast.

If Boston does not make Finals, it will be the 1st time that no Corps from New England, NY or NJ has made the Top 12. Not only in DCI history ( DCI inception of 1972), but also in recorded Junior Corps Drum Corps history. ( VFW, American Legion, World Open, CYO Nationals, etc ). Most years, this section of the Country would have between 2-5 in the Top 12 in the country. Even the Cadets ( that moved from NJ ) are having an off year as well. New England, NY, NJ was once chock full of great top echelon Junior Corps. But its dying out. Drum Corps can not long survive without a northeast in play. For just one example, DCI will never get back on TV ever again, if it becomes just a regional activity, with the loss of the heavily populated Northeast for interest and exposure at its Finals Championships. It will become like the sport of rodeo. Popular in Texas, and on TV regionally, but with little to no interest at all in New England, New York, New Jersey ( or Florida ) to generate sufficient interest from any networks to consider putting its Finals on TV ever again.

How is Pennsylvania not in New England?

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