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San Antonio Showdown

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OK - now for my two favorite Corps. Then Ribeye!

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Boy and girls it's time to get over the Troopers uniforms. This corps is really quite amazing.

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Big brass sound from Troopers. Really BIG!! That is a great line. The drill isn't bad, and there are moments in the music book that grab me, but not enough. The intro is nice. A few other moments as well. They have sloppy feet and the show just needs to flow a bit better. Clearly they will be in the running for the top 12, but I'd give academy the edge. Still, I did find plenty to enjoy in Troop. Not sure how I feel about uniforms. Not what I would prefer but not horrible either.

They need to look at what Crown is doing this year, musically and visually, and move in that direction. I want to see a "Gun Fight at the O.K. Corral" type show. :)

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