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unfortunately missed the first few.


Better effort here. Drill does little but brass can play. Guard better .

Stay simple .


Step up in design,


Great to see them out there. Fun enjoyable show that performers seem to like . good for them.


The uniforms , wow OK let us say different. A rebuilding year here.

The Academy

Great show , Great design , Possible finalist if they have what it takes come August. Boston has been here but has design problems. ONe judge had them 11 th in Percussion , One had them in 17th so?????? 11


???? What happened here? unmemorable show . Great design and great charts last 3 years. Now seem generic non finalist show. 15


OK Uniforms just bad.but look better from up top. Some good writing . A little cheesy with the voice overs. 14


Hard to compare to that powerful 1999 version . Seemed weak. arrangements could be better as well. Might get passed by Academy come August. 12


A little rough run . Great design and music charts . I get the ending . should beat Blue Stars. 9

Hard to see tarp.


I love Lamancha .But not this production . MONSTERS ! voice overs hurt . Windmills get award for best prop used totally wrong . non finalist. Their saving grace is that they are much better than Troopers or Colts. They do now what August is all about so wait for the push . 13

Blue Knights

One of my favorites. Not sure what this was but it was good. SHould pass PHantom and( Yes i am going to say it ) maybe Cadets. 6


nice show . liked it more early season . How many ballads do they do?? 8

Blue Stars

??? How long is their Ballad??? Zoned a few times with Phantom and Blue Stars back to back.

Some cool ideas but not enough demand to stay in front of Crossmen . 10


While I did not love the design this is a very good corps. Great feet and they move very well shoud be ahead of Cadets . 5


WOW -First great corps of the night . Power , Class , Great use of colors . Very good 4

The Cadets

Ok the uniforms . If SCV went to all black uniforms we would say the same thing . WHY ? Lack of color , not a good drill and they move poorly. Usually this is because of design . but performance was lacking also. The only thing I did like about Cadets is that they were loud. But that is their only effect. 7

Blue Devils

Everything you want right here. Power , Great feet , Great drill , drums all. my favorite of the night . Again 1


Always root for the new guy, Their best effort to date. Might not be enough as BD knows what finals are all about . 2


Some dull moments , Yes from CROWN . Bass bone needs to back off on 2nd tune .wow . Ballad solo?? went nowhere. Love the sound but this is a 3rd place corps. Maybe 4th.

Drum battle

I don't get it .

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