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"March On!" starts in less than a half-hour in Minnesota, with this line-up (times are Central):

7:10 p.m. Colt Cadets

7:26 p.m. River City Rhythm

7:42 p.m. Genesis

7:58 p.m. intermission

8:18 p.m. Vanguard Cadets

8:34 p.m. Blue Devils B

8:50 p.m. Govenaires (all age)

9:06 p.m. Minnesota Brass (all age)

There is a slight chance of thunderstorms, but I don't see anything too close on the NWS radar.

If you're there, please post here!

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Results from DCI's score page:

1. 68.50 Blue Devils B

2. 67.95 Vanguard Cadets

3. 64.45 Genesis

4. 56.30 River City Rhythm

5. 52.80 Colt Cadets

Intermission strikes again for Genesis? Are they really going to turn out to be almost four points behind Legends (based on the Troy scores)? Earlier this season, they were very close in head-to-head competition, with Genesis more often on top, I believe.

(And in All Age class at this show, Minnesota Brass had 75.80 and Govenaires had 62.05. Is MBI really more than ten points better than Atlanta CV, who were also scored by DCI tonight at the southeast regional? And I wonder if Govies won't make DCA Finals this year. It would be the first time in many years, but doubtless it's a risk they knew they'd be taking when they opted to move from Class A to Open Class.)

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At least Genesis's score went up tonight.

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I feel I should add that I bear BDB and SCVC no ill will. I've spoken with parents from both corps at the past few years' O.C. Finals, and they're every bit as decent, and anxious for their kids' success, as any other corps parent. And those two corps have put on some fine, enjoyable shows. I am very fond especially of SCVC's 2012 show and BDB's 2014 show.

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