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Indy "Logistics, Food, Meet-Up, Travel, General Advice" Thread

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Of all the major sports venues used for drum corps, LOS is easily at the top when it comes to friendliness and a general relaxing of the rules they use for the NFL. However, it's probably only a matter of time where that, too, will change. But, if this year is like past years, they're really good about re-entry. Just hide your drink cups if you're coming back from lunch.

Just be sure to leave your vuvuzela in the car!

. And they tell you a million times!
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Shapiro's serves a delicious chicken stew on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The deli is on McCarty Street south of Lucas, a few blocks west of Eli Lilly HQ.

Healthy items include broccoli salad or chilled blueberries. That way, you can also dive into a daily hot bowl of matzo ball soup - ask for 2 slices of their yummy rye bread.

When you visit Shapiro's, you may catch a local high school football team working its way through the cafeteria style line.

Sandwiches too, you betcha.

High quality cakes and pies.

In other news, if flying out of Indy, you'll enter the security lines in the food court area. Since both security lines connect to all gates, pick the shorter of the two lines.

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For people looking to save money on parking, and traveling, and walking...I have a great idea. If you have never used the ride share app LYFT, do so.

This offer is valid for first time users only, and it is per device. The same code can be used on an unlimited number of devices. But again, this must be your first time using the LYFT app.

When you download the app, and get the information loaded, use the code DCI2016. You will receive a $20 dollar credit for your first trip.

Also, if you are using a ride sharing app, please walk away from the stadium to a specific restaurant, hotel, etc, before you request the trip. This makes is much easier on the driver and on you the guest.

On the LYFT app you get to rate your driver, you can have your picture on the app as well so the driver knows who they are looking for, there is the ability to tip on the LYFT app.

Welcome to Indianapolis everyone! Have fun! Be safe! Go Drum Corps!

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And those of you that want to use Uber for the first time, please use this code: SWEL4, for a first time rider discount! Or the code: DALE790220 for Lyft.

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It's just like the first time.

(Sorry, seems "couldn't resist" is common in this thread.

Actually, I can't remember a time in 6 years where I left the stadium during the show but, so long as you have your ticket stub and hand stamp, you won't have any problems. I've seen many streaming in and out headed toward the Holiday Inn across the street...

Just making sure, San Antonio had certain doors to enter for reentry. And only one open entrance. Not good communication between the staff.

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Does anyone know about parking around Military Park (warm up area)? Or, has anyone had experience riding the shuttle bus to & from Lucas Oil Stadium. (Looks like It's only about a mile walk. Is it safe after dark?) I'm thinking about visiting the warm up lot. I've been to the championships in Indy for several years now, but have never visited the lot. Thank you for your opinions & advise!

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