2016 DCI World Championship Finals - 8/13/2016

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I'm trying to type things, but I can't. My head hurts. What an AMAZING evening. Congrats to everyone, from Bluecoats on their first championship, to Blue Devils on your amazing professionalism and

Going to my first Finals ever today with my girl! Leaving at about 11... Excited to get my first taste of Shapiro's. :D Thanks DCP for teaching me so much and feeding my enthusiasm about drum corps.

I don't have a baby so I tossed my cat across the room instead.

Quit being negative. ๐Ÿ˜œ I think it is better this way with warmups being inside and closer.

Prevents the intonation issues that crop up with warmups in heat and humidity and performance indoors.

But kills the lot fun.

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Blah. The radar looks like a classic Indiana summer conveyor belt too. Lots for those on the stripe and none elsewhere

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New to Lucas Oil and Indy. Does anyone know what side of stadium busses will be parked? I want to visit lots after show.

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I just posted this on the semifinals thread, but figured I'd put it up here for anyone who has already moved on from last night:

A question about corps' pre-show announcements....

Has anyone else noticed that Mr. Crocker announces the Cadets differently?

For any corps not from the state of Pennsylvania: "Drum Corps International is proud to present...."

For The Cadets: "DCI is proud to present..."

And last night, he didn't show title, either.

A trivial thing to be sure - not looking for black helicopters on the horizon, not forming any conspiracy theories. I simply find it curious if anyone else has noticed.

I noticed that, too.

I'm sure he's just reading what's in the script for a given corps.

I know on the DCA side, corps at times ask us to tailor the opening announcement (make it different from the standard script) to fit their pre-show, or show theme, or whatever. That might be the case with DCI, too... I don't know for sure, haven't worked a DCI show in a few years.

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Unorthodox statement for a prediction:

Last time I'll be able to say this: The Blueciats are the best corps without a title

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To all the mms performing tonight -- this is the night that you will take with you for the rest of your lives. Treasure it. Savor it. Remember every second. Look at the person to your left, to your right. Tattoo their faces in your brain. This is your moment. Bring it home!

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