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Fred Windish

4, 5, 6

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I could see this, but someone remind me the highest 4/5/6 scores of all time? I would think tonights corps could be putting up a fight for those numbers.

4th was SCV in 2013 with a very high 96.

5th was Crown in 2014 with a high 95.

6th was Star in 1989 with a low 95.

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Gotta go with SCV in 4th.

5th and 6th... to me, a tossup.

Cavies have a high-energy show.... fun to watch... and we'll see if Cadets have any gas left in the tank.

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I'm still surprised to see Cavaliers above Cadets. I was there live last night and I just didn't see it. But hey, I'm not a judge and the Cavaliers are very good. They do have a more well thought out theme and clear GE. The Cadets have the firepower in music. It may come down to visual proficiency and guard tonight. As for SCV, neither of the 2 are in their league. Santa Clara's show is just miles better in design, content, and theme. My guess is the judges think this too but feel it's not being performed as well as it should.

Tonight I see:

4. SCV 95.5

5. Cadets 94.95

6. Cavaliers 94.5

I gave your post a "like" because I agreed with your order, only to see it was you I was agreeing with, Jon. I should have known. :lle:


I'll quibble with you a bit on the numbers only because of historical reasons.

No matter how close corps are to each other during the season and even the playoffs, by finals night it usually separates by about a point. First second third, 97, 96, 95.

I just rechecked your numbers for 4,5,6. :confused: Hmm.

I withdraw my quibble.

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I couldn't find the prediction thread so I'll put it here because at least three are on topic.

1. Bluecoats

2. Crown

3. Devils

4. SCV

5. Cavies

6. Cadets

7. BK

8. Blue Stars

9. Phantom

10. Academy

11. Crossmen

12, BAC

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