DCI Hotel Offers for Indy 2017 ? Does DCI Do This Anymore?

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I am only a day tripper to Finals, megabussing to Indy on Saturday morning, then megabussing back to Chicago soon after the champion encore. Sleeping on the bus is my civic duty. As the performers

Actually, so many of the contest week decisions are nuanced with the iinput of Friends of DCI folk who spend big money for DCI, but are also folks whose jobs and companies cover hotel costs; if not di

in the past; well out of my price range. I don't believe in Pay to Play politics in or out of drum corps.

Thanks a bunch and thanks everyone else for the input. (I am now saving $25.00 a night vs my original reservation :)

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Thank you for the heads up! I usually get an email from DCI. We're booked. Edited by Terri Schehr
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DCI holds a block of seats - admittedly some very desirable "middle-middle" seats - for Friends members, a couple hundred of them total. That is their impact. DCI doesn't hold hotel rooms for Friends, doesn't schedule meals for Friends (besides the Saturday morning breakfast), and doesn't soak up tour buses to shuttle Friends to the stadium. The Friends program has virtually NO impact on either ticket pricing or hotel availability or pricing during finals week.

The "Old Car Owners and their Old Cars" has a bigger impact than Friends does...

True in my case. We've sat in our same seats for years.
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Just reserved at the Omni Severin. A little pricey ($171), but about $80 off the regular rate, and the hotel is right on Georgia Street.

As a BTW, I didn't see the JW Marriott listed when I plugged in my dates. It was a few weeks ago. Wonder if that means the special DCI block is all booked up.

Strangely, you have to pay close attention to find the hotel link from the DCI site. References to area hotels have still not be updated with the link.

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