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Drum Corps Championships City

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With championship shows in Lynn, MA, Butler, PA, Marion, OH (were there any others?) What was the best city and why?

I have always liked Marion, Ohio since that was the site of my first big drum corps contest but I also liked the city and the festive atmosphere it had.


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DCM and DeKalb. I still get a chill down my back when entering that stadium.

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Roosevelt Stadium ... Jersey City ... host to the Preview, Dream, WO, VFW ... long gone, but memories of the roar of 20,000+ fans year in and year out are vivid

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"Championship City":

HEY!!!!!!! How about our old home town: Bridgeport CT!!!!!!!!!! The great Barnum Festival's "Parade of Champions" was a yearly staple, as well as some fantastic shows run by the Bridgeport PAL Cadets and St Raphaels Buccaneers.

Most of the East's big guns including St Vincent's Caets, Garfield Cadets. Cambridge Caballeros, St Catherine's Queensmen, and Blesed Sacrament competed in their early 1960's contests.

The old Hedges Stadium was the venue for the 1964 Junior and Senior Wold Open Championships, and the then new Central High School's JFK field to the 1965 World Open.

DCA held their 1966 Championship there also, as well as the DCN "World Open Invitational" in the early 1970's/

Elphaba :flower:


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