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I'm just a pup compared to most of you, but I imagine the feeling was similar. In my high school band hall someone popped in a video tape of the Blue Devils 1992 during lunch one day. I couldn't get over the sound, the power, and the cool bell-front horns (I was born a Trombone player). I got a copy of that tape (PBS recording) and obsessed over every Corps, every show. I soon borrowed a Euphonium from the band and learned the fingerings. Didn't take me long to get proficient.

A year later a recruiter from Skyriders showed up with a set of King Bugles. They had just moved to Texas and were recruiting hard. I about lost my mind at the sight of those horns. I'd never seen nor heard of a 2 valve Bugle. I played on a K70 for at least half an hour and seriously didn't want to give it back. Despite my pleas, my parents couldn't afford the cost for me to join.

The following year, while lining up for a parade, I stumbled upon Bayou City Blues (then in it's infancy). My band director saw my face and tried (in vain) to steer me away. Again, though, my family situation kept me out. However, I joined up a few years down the road and have been involved ever since.

Incidentally, I didn't see a Corps live or attend a DCI show until 4 years after seeing that video tape of BD. The annual PBS broadcasts kept my fire stoked in those pre-internet days. And, those King Bugles made such an impact on me that I now own a nearly complete set. Just need to get a K20 someday...

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Watching Spirit on PBS in 1980 with the TV turned all the way up.  

Granted, my four year-old mind actually thought they were soldiers, and that the horns were their weapons.

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