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1 hour ago, JohnD said:

there is nothing that resembles a 'capitalize the first letter of a paragraph' (identified by a new line) in the forum configuration, that I'm aware of or have ever seen or can find with a quick search of the forum knowledgebase. if it were a forum formatting feature, I would expect it to be applied consistently for all posts - whether mobile or 'desktop'.

i'm afraid that you're on your own Randy ... have to get those pinkies and shift-key moving.



P.S.  No capitals were inserted manually at the start of a sentence or paragraph in creating the response above.

Thanks for the reply!

pinkies and shift-key:  I wish!  I do great on a keyboard (bless my 8th grade typing teacher).  Quite a bit slower on the iPhone which seems to be my DCP goto device.  Oh, well....

no caps --  :-)

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