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With the new upgrade, I thought I'd expand on the Notifications feature just a little bit.  Notifications allow you to be alerted to various events in the Forum with either a pop-up notice (if enabled for on your browser) and/or an Email sent to your registered email address.  Properly configured, they can be a great tool for keeping up-to-date with forum activity.

Control of which events trigger a Notification and how to deliver it is defined for each user via their Account Settings --> Overview :: Other Settings --> Notification Settings.  On this page you can define the rules by which Notifications will be sent to you.  I believe the options provide a great deal of flexibility in defining which events generate a Notification and how it is delivered.

Permission to display Pop-up Notifications is requested in the browser the first time you log-in to the site and may be enabled/disabled in the browser at a later time. Each browser has a slightly different process for managing these permissions, so search Google for specific directions (search: disable browser notification [my particular browser] ).  Safari's Preferences provides a "Notifications" tab, Chrome includes the "Notifications" option in the information provided via the View Site Information pop-up (illustrated below).  Disabling Notifications in the browser will disable **ALL** pop-up Notifications from the site.




Chrome Site Information pop-up and Notifications permission for the site.


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