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Blue Devils Chord Progressions

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Are there any people associated with blue Devils who might help describe how the Chord Sequence from their BbMaj9 chord progression in their warm ups work?

It sounds spacey and I'm just wondering how it works

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It's just parallel 9th chords, which is what every Theory I teacher will tell you to never do.  ;)  Everyone moves up like they're playing the first five notes of a major scale.

A BD alum from the early 90's said that he personally liked to voice them with only the contras/tubas on the root, then the minor triad (3-5-7) in the euphs/baris, an open interval (5-9) in the altos, and the major triad (5-7-9) in the sops/trumpets.

So, in modern Bb/F instruments, it probably goes like this:

Tubas: Bb (could add an F split);  Baris/euphs: D-F-A;  Mellos: F-C (this would be "C-G" in mello notation);  Trumpets: F-A-C (well, that's concert pitch, so they'd play G-B-D "trumpet" pitch).

The exercise itself has a couple rules: Balance to the root, and each step up must be louder.  You can't zoom up to fortissimo by the second chord, because you've got three more steps to grow.

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