Favorite Conductor/Drum major in DCI History?

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On 3/2/2017 at 6:13 AM, Ghost said:

Do you still have the typewriter MB?      

No. I tried donating it to a local theater group for their prop department and even they didn't want it.

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I've long claimed that Joel Alleyne of Etobicoke Oakland Crusaders (DCI Worlds Finalist 1975-1977) was the best and most crowd-oriented drum major I've ever seen. I've written such in a column I do fo

Pete Emmons.  Now get off my lawn

Jeff Fiedler Joel Alleyne   

On ‎3‎/‎4‎/‎2017 at 11:07 AM, flammaster said:

The DM for Kilts was a great one!

Are you referring to Scotty Poulson?  If you are he was amazing!


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Just curious but how many of the people mentioned in this topic attended George Park's Drum Major Camp?...just curious

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For me, it's pretty hard to top Galen Karriker (PR 1991).

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