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Pick Any Show Throughout All Time and Eternity That You Wish You Saw Live

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I’d have to say Star ‘91 at finals. Saw it early in the year but without the cross to cross ending. 

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Phantom 2008 Finals---i would love to feel the energy in the stadium!  We were crying watching in the movie theatre during quarter finals!

Tied with:

The Madison Alumni Project---I spent a chunck of my high school summers following the Scouts around the uppermidwest with my band buddies.  💕💕💕


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Been watching shows live since 1992. I can’t give one show. 

I also grew up too young to see awesome metal bands in Hollywood during the pinnacle of things. 

So here is my attempt to give shows I would go back and time to see. In order.


1. Without a doubt to see all the corps in 1993. To be there when it was raining for Scouts and to see Star for the last time.

2. 1992-God so many good shows this year. Cavies first DCI win. 

3. 1987- To be crushed by SCV not winning. To hear the Cadets and yelling my butt off when the snare dropped his stick so they could never get a perfect score. 

4. 2008- Sorry, but who doesn’t want to re-live Spartacus. 

5. 2013- only cause I want to hear a perfect brass score.....once I’ll accept a performance outside too. Us people in California don’t get all the luxuries. 

6. 1988- IMO a better year than 1989, but it’s my next choice.

7. 1989- Who WOULDN’T want to see the Crossmen’s best musical show? Who doesn’t like a white painted Contra(yes, young people...it’s what they called them before DCI got soft.)

8. 1985- I honestly can say this “should” be higher, but I’ll just watch Madison and Suncoast.

9. 1972- It’s not on the top of my list, but I know without a doubt that I would need to hear some prime old school. 

10. And finally.....I would want to hear the Bridgemen 1979 show live and everyone all coke’d up. 


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On 4/17/2017 at 6:05 PM, HockeyDad said:

ok this may sound weird but - 1973 Commodores.  First time I listened to it on the legacy CDs I'm thinking - 12th place corps....1973....might sound a little rough.  BUT holy cow!  What a show - I believe the legendary Jim Ott arrange some or all of the brass for that show.  I know the phrase "ahead of it's time" is overused to the point of being a cliche, but I think that year there were two - Stockton Commodores and Argonne Rebels with Fanfare For The New.  

This is beyond a great call! Jim Ott arrangements before he became THE Jim Ott!!!!! Someone should create a library of Hall of Fame designers formative years. Either as performers or rookie designers. Let us see and learn the lineage of what we do.

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Easy Answer.

Madison 1988

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Dead Heat: SCV/PR ‘89 and Star ‘91.

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1972 Anaheim Kingsmen. I got sick right before Whitewater and my Dad ended up hauling three kids he didn't even know 250 miles without me. He came back and said that was the best road trip of his life. 

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