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Fred Windish

2017 Buccaneers Concert

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(not exactly an Event Review)


As an aging, somewhat lazy, Buccaneer alumnus, I don't go out and about to see live drum corps much anymore. I did attend last night's Buccaneer-sponsored Spring Preview Concert, though. Nice night. Bill Powers and his committee of volunteers had everything well-planned, as per usual with the entire Buccaneer organization. Now, for a few brief remarks about the competing DCA Buccaneers.

Wow! Just WOW !

First, I'm not a musician. But, sometimes, one just "knows." The 2017 edition of the Buccaneers, both brass and percussion, are ready for battle. Really ready! Who knows if this will translate well, outside in motion. It might not. I think back a few years to a Buccaneer show that was hampered (I thought) by a drill design that had the corps playing too far back from the front sideline and didn't really get to crank it up musically until the final minute. So, we shall see.

There's also the matter of presenting a great guard. I have no evidence where that's going. But, geez,  horns and drums last night were EERILY good. Well-polished for so early.

The Bucs appeared with 60, or so, brass and a full percussion section (25-30?).  There was something "beyond" usual expectations happening last night,. I feel compelled to acknowledge that. I am very proud of the corps and excited about the upcoming season. Without researching it, can't tell you what the names of their tunes are . . . . but none of that mattered! Bucs do finish with a take on 2001- Space Odyssey, however. This music just works on stage, whatever it is, and no matter where it came from.

Bottom line.  Musically, the Bucs presented a big, BEEFY performance. They were completely in control of the charts and played the entire show from memory with a certain AUTHORITY that had heads shaking in amazement. This was "late August" presence. "Hammer meet nail" stuff.. . . HUGE, in tune, chords. Entire sections playing as one. AGGRESSIVE confidence and verve. Where do they find these people?

I just want to wish my guys and gals well. You are well on the road to another championship.

Thanks !

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I hear that, Fred... to say "the Bucs were ready to go" would be an understatement. Wow!!!

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