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DCP-I Season 27 Caption and Scoring Rules

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DCPI Members will have a limited amount of points to spend (based on Class) to fill the EIGHT captions available: GE 1/Visual, GE 2/Music, Visual Performance, Visual Analysis, Color Guard, Brass, Music Analysis, and Percussion. These will correspond directly to the real-life DCI corps' performances. The value of each real-life DCI corps is set based on their 2016 order of finish, and these costs will not change:

25 pts - Bluecoats
24 pts - Blue Devils
23 pts - Carolina Crown
22 pts - Santa Clara Vanguard
21 pts - Cavaliers
20 pts - The Cadets
19 pts - Blue Knights
18 pts - Phantom Regiment
17 pts - Blue Stars
16 pts - Crossmen
15 pts - The Academy
14 pts - Boston Crusaders
13 pts - Madison Scouts
12 pts - Troopers
11 pts - Colts
10 pts - Mandarins
9 pts - Oregon Crusaders
8 pts - Pacific Crest
7 pts - Spirit of Atlanta
6 pts - Cascades
5 pts - Jersey Surf
4 pts - Pioneer

As Genesis does not yet have a full season of World Class scores to reference, they are not included in the possible caption choices.

For World and Open Classes, any corps can be used for any caption: only the overall cost limit applies. CLASS A HAS A SPECIAL RESTRICTION, HOWEVER: the Top 5 corps are forbidden from being used in General Effect (GE) captions for Class A corps. As the points for Class A are so limited, we have discovered (through trial and error) that using the big guns in GE just slants the score too much. Thus, Bluecoats, Blue Devils, Carolina Crown, Santa Clara Vanguard, and Cavaliers cannot be used for Class A DCP-I corps' GE captions. Those corps MAY be used for the other Class A captions (brass, guard, etc.) The penalty is 0.5 points per placement spot per caption per show for regular shows, and disqualification at sweepstakes and championship events (more on these in the scheduling thread that will follow). Thus, a Class A corps that uses Blue Devils in GE Visual and Carolina Crown in GE Music would get a penalty of 3.5 points every show until changed (4 x 0.5 = 2.0 for BD + 3 x 0.5 = 1.5 for CC).



DCP-I World Class corps begin the season with 150 points to spend, DCP-I Open Class corps begin with 125, and DCP-I Class A corps begin with 100. You do not have to use all of your points, sometimes the best caption sets involves a "value buy" that will keep you under the limit. Five times during the season, an extra point will be given to all three divisions, so the classes will end up at 155/130/105 for championships week. One measly point doesn't sound like a lot, but it can make a WORLD of difference (especially if you have planned for it)! The point increases will always occur on a Sunday (providing I remember, don't be afraid to send me a bump!) and are scheduled as follows:

06/16/17 - Start of Season: World 150, Open 125, A 100
07/02/17** - First increase: World 151, Open 126, A 101
07/09/17 - Second increase: World 152, Open 127, A 102
07/16/17 - Third increase: World 153, Open 128, A 103
07/23/17 - Fourth increase: World 154, Open 129, A 104
07/30/17 - Fifth/Final increase: World 155, Open 130, A 105

**May occur earlier due to holiday weekend



At the start of the season, for the first few weeks, caption changes are unlimited. Play around all you want, re-write your show, figure things out. Only the point limit holds you back. This changes with the Regional events on 7/7 and 7/8. Changes will not be allowed between Regional Prelims (7/7) and Regional Finals (7/8). Any changes made after 4pm CDT on 7/7 will not take effect until the next regular show on Monday, 7/10. Also, on Sunday, 7/9 (coinciding with the second point increase) caption change restrictions go into effect. Starting 7/9, each corps will only be allowed ONE change per week of UP TO three captions. It is a rolling timer based off of when you perform the change and does not reset at midnight. Some planning is therefore necessary to make sure you're making the right changes at the right times! Be sure to consider future point increases and special events when plotting out your mid and late season caption changes. Remember, once you make a change, it will be 168 hours until you can make your next change.

The only exception to this comes at the very end of the season, during DCP-I Championships. After DCPI Prelims on Thursday, 8/10, every advancing corps will be allowed ONE change of UP TO two captions before the next night's semifinals. Then, corps advancing to Saturday's finals will be allowed another one change of up to two captions.

The DCP-I system AUTOMATICALLY sends me a report at 4:00pm Central Time every day giving me that day's show line-ups and caption sets. Thus, any changes you want to show in that night's scores must occur before 2pm Pacific/3pm Mountain/4pm Central/5pm Eastern. THIS INCLUDES CHAMPIONSHIPS.



Your DCPI Fantasy Corps' scores are determined via three different methods:

#1 - Estimate based on 2016 DCI Scores: Only used before a DCI's corps first 2017 performance, this will be a staple of the early season. With no 2017 scores to go by, the spreadsheet will "estimate" a proportional score for that DCI corps based on last summer's scores.

#2 - Actual 2017 DCI Scores: Obviously the most preferred method, what you see is what you get. Blue Devils get 17.0 in color guard that night and you have BD CG? Your corps gets 17.0 in color guard too.

#3 - Estimate based on 2017 DCI Scores: DCI corps don't perform every night, so if your DCPI corps has a caption that belongs to DCI corps with the night off, the system will "estimate" a proportional score based on that DCI Corps' most recent 2017 score.

As DCPI scoring is based on getting the recaps in a timely fashion from DCI, I cannot commit to a set time for the DCPI scores to be uploaded every night. I'm also a working stiff with a day job, so sometimes the prior night's DCPI scores may not be uploaded until the following morning or afternoon. I will do the best I can, and I beg your patience.



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So to clarify for scoring, You may have "Blue Devils 2016" chosen but it really is off of BD17?

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17 hours ago, Crown1253 said:

So to clarify for scoring, You may have "Blue Devils 2016" chosen but it really is off of BD17?

The system should say BD17 and it will be BD17's scores once they perform. 

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