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Just now, Jeffe77 said:

It'll be interesting to see ya'll reaction of Crown's second half.:whistle:

I have heard some.... interesting things about that

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Can I get this off my chest?  I love Crown.  I'm a brass player and they make my socks roll up and down.   But that singer...Bless your heart darlin' and I know you're trying but...

When you have the best brass line on Planet Earth, why would you ruin it by using it to back up a pitchy singer?!?!? 

Yeah, what sort of idiot gets attached to drum and bugle corps and expects to hear brass and drums? 

2 minutes ago, Cleveland1 said:

Wow. I cant believe this is crown on their first show. Going for the gold. 

After last year, I think that the contenders are going to be hyper prepared in these first couple of shows.

We will known them by their polished look and sound on night one.

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I dont have to like the vocals to like this show, i say to myself 

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For Good had me almost in tears in the theater. Never thought a singer could be effective in a ballad during the big climax but WOW did they prove me wrong. Best ballad since 2013. 

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Carolina Crown:

that hornline is ridiculous again. Shows growing on me! The ending is soooo abrupt :(

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