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6 hours ago, AoEnut said:

Mother ...


Thanks for coming out.   Drum Corps is awesome isn't it?  Without your support corps like The Cabs can't give their members what they need to perform.  That $19 dollars helps.  




By my count it was $57 ;)  I wish they'd had more crap- I am a sucker for buying crap.  They could have plumped their coffers with me around!  Give me t shirts, key chains...heck...sell me a program...

We really did enjoy the evening.  We hope to catch a few more of the shows this summer.  In our section of the crowd the people were generally friendly.  It seemed to be a fair mix of staff/corps affiliates and families.  They jumped right into the prater with my child and added to things I was pointing out about music or show making it even more enjoyable.  

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good stuff Mom!

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